Does Winx Enjoy Street Racing?

Will Winx Street Race in 2018?

Could you imagine watching Chautauqua, Winx or I Am A Star racing across the Sydney Harbour Bridge
in 2018? What a sight that would be!

NSW Racing is in talks with another interesting way to bring new members and spectators to the sport of kings by “Street Racing”

The Mighty turn of foot
“How is Chautauqua at Street Racing”

Racing NSW held a meeting with an English promoter last month who is keen to establish a worldwide street racing circuit. The Harbour Bridge is the dream location for “street racing” in Sydney on a purpose-built surface, which can be quickly laid and removed.

What could this mean for the newly scheduled Everest Race? Will they want to hold it around the same time…

With races running on their specially designed Turf built for street racing there is still important issues that need to be met. Peter V’landys has said that nothing but the horses safety will be taken in to consideration before anything has been finalised.

Up To 6 races on the card;

Racing NSW is keen to hold a race meeting of up to six races on the Harbour Bridge, under the rules of racing. It would coincide with the world’s richest turf race, the $10 million Everest, which will be held at Randwick in October 2018.

“We’re going to do for horse racing what Twenty20 has done for cricket and 3×3 for basketball – reinterpreting the sport of kings for a young urban audience and dialing up on technology, entertainment, excitement and energy,” Olly Neil from GAG40 told the Racing Post newspaper at the time.

“We will create a global circuit of horse racing events with high-quality local horses thundering down iconic city streets ridden by the world’s top jockeys,”  he said.

Support from Trainer Chris Waller has mentioned:

“It would be amazing if they could get it up and running, and everyone would want to be involved,” Waller is quoted as saying. “There are probably a lot of things that have to happen before it happens.

“As long as it’s safe for horses, jockeys and everyone watching, I would definitely want to be involved and most trainers would. It would be an amazing event

The project would result in the bridge being out of action to traffic for a day, which has happened previously. Events such as the breakfast picnic in 2009, the Sydney marathon and a Formula 1 exhibition have all closed the bridge. Could you imagine the traffic just if Winx was to street race in 2018?

There are some many exciting things happening in the racing industry and having the ability to bring this spectacular sport to many more spectators is such a JOY!

Would you enjoy this? 

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