Your Help Counts!

The only reason we have added this page to our site is because this is just a fun site to be on, you don't require to pay any $$$ for memberships or tips like most others to access the site.

With punters donating from wins they have had it is just a MASSIVE HELP in keeping the site running. (due to these bastards charging so much for website hosting and other crap)

Charity donations will be added shortly and we'll be supporting Men's Health and those poor blokes that have had a blunder for the day at the track with not a cent to their name to get home.

(Send us a story or proof so we can help recoup some of those losses.)

Please only donate what you can afford. A donation the size of $5 to either charity or this site is worth more than ("Prince of Penzance - 100/1 Melbourne winner 2015) winning ticket.

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