Puntah Story #1 – John’s Wrong Bet Pay’s Off

Punting Story Edition #1 John’s Wrong Bet

Okay we have a similar punting story like old Johnny boy here, down in the first couple to then being up a shit load. Best part of the story was he placed it on the wrong horse. What’s the bet he complained all the way up until it jumped.

John’s Punting Story!

Went the local dish lickers track 2 weeks back with just $100 bucks that had to last me the day punting before I started dipping into me XXXX money. Lost the first 2 races at Sydney and then put $10 on the wrong horse which was paying $51 fixed. Wouldn’t read about it on a brick shithouse the thing flew home on the far rail!! Ended up 20+ XXXX cans  later trying to repeat to only loose it all and me shirt before I left…

“Jon Dart”


To any others who have a punting story like backing the Butcher on a short priced fav to be then beat by a long shot in the next race or a funny mishap at the track, please send them through or add your comments below!


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