Puntah’s Story #2 – The Day We All Pray For

How The Day Ended

Puntah’s Story Edition #2 – The Day We All Pray For

If any of you have been in a puntah’s Club before you know the types of people that are usually among your mates. There is the one that knows everything, there is the kitty builder and there is the one who has no clue on what they are picking. Billy sounds like his puntah’s club had a bit more luck then most of us when it comes to the big day of spending the hard earned cash built up over the year. Billy has informed us that his puntah’s club usually heads to Caulfield Cup in the Spring time.


Billy’s Punting Story

Puntah’s Club day out we had $3,000 to play with among 6 of us. A couple of boys had a great go throughout the year. We decided to have 1 bet of $1000 and then spread the rest out in $200. The $1000 got up paying $3.75 and changed from $200 to $500 for the rest of the day. I think you know where we went after….. ūüôā

“Billy Whithead”


“How The Day Ended”



To any others who have a punting story like backing the Butcher on a short priced fav to be then beat by a long shot in the next race or a funny mishap at the track, please send them through or add your comments below!


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