Punter's File Design - #3

Went the local dish lickers track 2 weeks back with just $100 bucks that had to last me the day punting before I started dipping into me XXXX money. Lost the first 2 races at Sydney and then put $10 on the wrong horse which was paying $51 fixed. Wouldn't read about it on a brick shithouse the thing flew home on the far rail!! Ended up 20+ XXXX cans  later trying to repeat to only loose it all and me shirt before I left...

Jon Dart

Best/worst bet on a 1st 4 and at the last second changed it to a trifecta. Collected 2k instead of 16k. Cant complain but funny.

Edward John Murray

Won $5300 off a $3 mystery in the Melbourne cup last year

James Tully

Got a tip off my uncle one time who said he got word off a mate who knew a trainer to get on this horse on the 4th start... It was a qld horse called FANTASTIC BLUE so over about 3 months it had its prior 3 races done no good and just happen to be paying 97-1 on its 4th jump. After watching the prior 3 jumps I was not confident at all so I put 5 ew on it. What do ya know it was a photo finish and come 1st....
$97 win $19 a place.... I wish I put my house on it now 😂😂
A wins a win though. 👍🏻

Trevor Galbraith

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I had the double going one night at the trots, Adam Crettenden was calling, I remember the call vividly, I had Safari, his call " Safari looms up, draws level, pokes the head in front, didn't make it !! " how the fuck do you put your head in front but not make it. . . It was the last sound ever heard from that transistor radio let me tell you. . lol

Shane Clarke

2 bets, 2 quinellas one boxed
$10 on first second won $213
Then the boxed $15 won $190
Out of the 3 horses pick the 2 with the higher odd come 1st 2nd

Dimitri Giannakidis

Back when efficient won the Melb cup me and a mate who I also worked with and is on this page lol ... we were going to put $100 each in for a boxed first 4 and take 3 horses each ... so everything was sweet until one of the other guy at work was up for adding another $100 ... so go to the tab to put the bet on but the percentage was rubbish so we decided to only take 2 horses each to boost the percentage ... the bloke who jumped in last his horses ran last and second last ... my 3 picks (before I had to cut one ) ran 2nd 3rd and 4th .. my mate who I originally was taking the bet with cut one which was ultimately the winner ... efficient (it was at 20-1 ) ... the first 4 paid something like 40k .. we worked out that had we just stuck to our original bet we would have won about $4000 each ... but coz old mate jumped it it cost us plenty

Jamie Sharpe

Put a straight trifecta down on melb cup 3 years ago on Sportsbet. accidentally put 178 dollars my whole balance on it . rang up to change it to like a 10 bucks they did. Fucking thing won hardest 500 bucks I've won

Peter Abednego

Best - Melb cup quaddie
Worst - missing the last leg of the quaddie on Saturday with ulmann and demonstrate in the last leg.

Shane Nevin

Puntah's Club day out we had $3,000 to play with among 6 of us. A couple of boys had a great go throughout the year. We decided to have 1 bet of $1000 and then spread the rest out in $200. The $1000 got up paying $3.75 and changed from $200 to $500 for the rest of the day. I think you know where we went after..... 🙂 

Billy Whithead

February this year day after my birthday, put a 7 leg horse multi on with 4 folds. Cost $26.40 and all 7 won, collected 10.5k

Deej Offa

Dads mate has 1000 bucks on November Tara a superstar greyhound of yesteryear. No joke 20 odd lengths in front only for its front leg to snap. Still remember the look on his face lol

Michael Walker

When i was about 18-19 i had been given a tip (Horse called Be a Sport) so i was down to my last $11.50 after a bad night punting on trots on the friday night so i had $1.50 all up wins 3 horses in the first 3 horses at Ascot and they all won and I collected $2750.00 for my $1.50 But then i got to drunk and forgot to back the horse i was tipped Ridden By Graham Bluey Lamby and the fucker won and paid $14 for the win and i had plenty money to put on but in my drunken time i forgot lol cost me thousand more as i would of had $100 eachvway with the money I had as i was a Mad Ass stupid punter back then

Andrew Milne

Was travelling around England few years back running out of cash. Went to take a bet 2 pounds man united to beat Newcastle 3-2 with van nistelroy to score first odds 200/1. Realising I only had enough for either a beer or the bet stupidly I chose the beer. Anyways the bet gets up 400 pounds/ 1000 bucks. The most expensive beer I ever drank

Michael Walker

My worst was sat cashing out a place multi after 2 legs for $800 and it came in and was for 3k. Best part was not cashing out entirely and lettin some ride then ringin bet365 after and askin when the leftover was to b paid to b told i cashed out completely. That fkn scroll bar is fucked! Best part was havin 1 the week b4 with a real roughie in the last but not havin the cashout feature. Standard fkd every which way and loose!

Rob Longmuiralker

But in all seriousness! I made a post on here about Joao Moreira at Sha Tin. Backed him to place every race (9 all up) and copped a fuck load of shit about it. He went on to miss the placings in only 3 of the races.. next day someone else did the same thing, Joao Moreira to place in every race and the Fucker came through! I was devastated!

Matthew Nicholls

Best part was a Jameeka-Winx-Almandin all up for Caulfield Cox and Melb... Worst part of the spring carnival was jumping off the roughie who won the Oaks

Tyren Hones

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