When You Are Down & Out!

Puntah’s Story Edition #3 – Down & Out…

Well the good old “down and out” story has come to life here for Andrew! There has been a time (most Saturdays) when we are down to our last Chris Mckenna and are looking for a little value so we turn to the old faithful the “MULTI”. Andrew’s story starts with receiving some mail from a local source but does the un thinkable and doesn’t put the bet on straight away. Let’s here what he has to say……


Andrew’s Punting Story

When I was about 18-19 I had been given a hot tip (Horse called Be a Sport) so I was down to my last $11.50 after a bad night punting on trots on the Friday. S I had $1.50 all up wins 3 horses in the first 3 horses at Ascot and they all won and I collected $2750.00 for my $1.50 But then I got to drunk and forgot to back the horse I was tipped Ridden By Graham Bluey Lamby and the fucker won and paid $14 for the win and I had plenty money to put on but in my drunken time I forgot lol cost me thousand more as i would of had $100 each-way with the money I had as I was a Mad Ass stupid punter back then

Andrew. M.

down and out

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